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Soothing Relief From Screen Time

Our society is becoming increasingly reliant on digital devices. Most of the modern technology we use requires looking at a digital display, so many of us utilize such screens for everything from our jobs, schoolwork, and the news to online banking, social media and texting.

How is digital strain affecting our eyes?


  • Blurred vision
  • Tired, burning, aching eyes
  • Headaches
  • Back, shoulder, and/or neck pain
  • Focussing adjustment
  • Poor sleep quality/difficulty falling asleep
  • Dry Eyes
  • Light sensitivity

Solutions for Digital Eye Strain

To help provide you with the care your eyes deserve, we offer different solutions so you can get back to using your favourite digital devices!

Some of these solutions include:

  • Taking breaks
  • Computer Lenses
  • A pathway to improving office ergonomics
  • Blue Hazard Protection
  • Lifestyle/Nutritional Support

If you are concerned that you may be experiencing digital eye strain, contact us to schedule an appointment. You’ll be one step closer to finding comfort and relief.

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